We Generate Leads & Drive Customers To Your Business

LeadWorks is a performance-based marketing & technology company, focused on providing high converting online leads to the finance industry

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Exclusive Leads

We only sell leads once, so you get better contact & closing rates

We Don’t Broker

We generate 100% of our leads, so we know where they came from

Real-Time Delivery

Our leads are delivered in real-time, as soon as they’re generated

Our Process


Our process starts by thoroughly researching and understanding each vertical we enter. Our copywriters then use this knowledge to craft a marketing message that is most likely to provide the highest converting leads possible for your staff.


We drive leads to you in real-time by placing ads across dozens of tier-1 channels including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more. We send that traffic to our websites and when someone interested in your services fills out one of our forms, you receive their request instantly.


We use proprietary in-house technology to continually measure and optimize our ad campaigns in order to identify the landing page copy, ad copy, images and demographics that provide the best quality, highest converting leads for your business.

Scaling Up

Many of our largest clients started off only buying a handful of leads per day. At this stage, our goal is to help you scale up by providing training and best practices so you can maximize your ROI and continue to grow your sales volume.

We’re Trusted

Over 100 companies rely on LeadWorks for quality leads on a daily basis

650,000 Leads

We have delivered more than 650,000 leads to our happy clients

Free Integration

We can provide free integration to the CRM of your preference

Our Company

What is now LeadWorks was founded in 2011 on a passion for online marketing and technology. We started out providing leads to debt companies in Canada, but word soon got around and after some begging and pleading by clients we agreed to expand our services to other countries and verticals. One thing that gives us a unique ability to add value is that we’ve been on both sides of the fence, as both lead generators and buyers, so we know exactly what you’re looking for in a lead provider.

LeadWorks is a virtual company with staff spread out all over the world, including New York, British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Not being tied down to a single location means that there’s pretty much always somebody around to help you, and we have the widest talent pool available from which to hire the best and brightest - planet Earth!

I have consistently made money when utilizing LeadWorks, usually recognizing a return of 4 to 1. I believe LeadWorks, when used consistently and with the right amount of follow up and dedication, can be an effective part of any offices’ marketing portfolio.

– Zach Brull, 4 Pillars

Just wanted to give you a quick update - I closed 3 of the 18 leads I have received so far, so I'm very pleased with the results. I want to repeat my initial order, and have sent you the $791 via email transfer. You should be receiving it soon.

– Artem Avvakoumov, York Credit Services

I wasted thousands on advertising and lead generation programs until I started working with Allan at LeadWorks. Immediately [they] generated quality leads for me and turned my business around! I was amazed at the volume of leads which flowed in daily.

– Peter Temple, 4 Pillars

Our Verticals

Debt Relief

Auto Insurance

Funeral Plans

PPI Refunds

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Home Insurance

Pet Insurance

Your Questions

How are leads delivered?

Leads are delivered to you in real-time the moment they are generated. You can choose between email, text message, csv and/or free integration to the CRM or lead management software of your choice. You will also be given access to our online portal where you can access all your leads at once and even update lead statuses, make notes for each lead, set reminders and so on.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order, however we highly recommend you purchase at least 20 leads on your first order so you have a large enough sample size to gauge your conversion rate on our leads.

Are my leads also sold to anyone else?

Leads are always sold as exclusive. That means that yours is the only company to receive a lead when it is generated.

What days and times will I receive leads?

Leads are delivered during regular business hours in order to maximize your contact and conversion rates. If you'd like to receive leads outside of regular business hours, we can most likely accommodate this too.

Can I set a daily lead cap?

Yes, you can set your maximum daily lead limit to whatever you like.