Affiliates: Get Access To The Best Performing Private Finance Offers

Work directly with the advertiser on the highest-converting, largest-volume debt, insurance and other finance offers in Canada, the UK and Australia

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Why Top Affiliates Choose Us

Large Volume

We’re selling over 1,000 leads per day and growing quickly. If you’re looking for high volume finance offers, we have ‘em.

High EPC Offers

We are constantly testing new landing page variations to maximize conversions rates, so you make more money.

Earning Potential

Our top affiliate has consistently earned more than $550,000 per month with our program. Want to join the club?

Fast Payments

Get paid weekly, net 3 by wire transfer or PayPal. If you’re doing decent volume, we can pay you even more frequently.

Reporting & Analytics

See real-time stats within your account. Also, set pixels, postbacks and even lead cap notifications by email or SMS.

Mobile Optimized

We ensure the highest EPC from mobile traffic by carefully crafting each of our landing pages for mobile devices.

Regular Feedback

We provide you with regular feedback on contact rates, conversion rates and bad number rates, broken down by sub ID.

Exclusive Domains

Doing volume? We’ll give you your own unique domain on a brand spanking new, fresh IP address for your exclusive use!

Dedicated Support

We're here when you need us and will bend over backwards to give our affiliates what they need to be successful.

Our Verticals

Debt Relief

Auto Insurance

Funeral Plans

PPI Refunds

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Home Insurance

Pet Insurance

Our Custom Built Affiliate Platform

Real-Time Daily Dashboard

  • See real-time stats on clicks, leads, earnings, EPC, conversion rate and leads remaining - broken down by offer
  • You can also see projected lead caps for the upcoming week so you can plan your advertising accordingly

Automated Notifications

  • Set up automated notifications by email, SMS or phone to ensure you never go over lead caps
  • You can create as many notifications as you like and send them to as many people on your team as you like

Full API Access

  • Get full access to our affiliate API so you can integrate into the third-party platform of your choice
  • Send data on leads generated, earnings, daily caps and more

We’re Reliable

We've been around since 2011 and have never missed a payment

Private Offers

Our offers are private and are not listed on any affiliate networks

No Bullshit

You get paid for 100% of the leads you generate - we don’t skim!

Who Our Affiliate Program Is For

We're seeking a particular breed of affiliate to build long-term partnerhips with at LeadWorks. The following are some of the criteria we're looking for. If you meet these, we'd love to hear from you!

  • You're an experienced affiliate who has promoted lead generation offers in the past or are presently
  • You prefer to master a small number of offers rather than jumping constantly from one to another
  • You're willing to spend the time to deeply understand a vertical
  • You're willing to submit your ads for approval and follow requirements for compliance
  • You can provide relatively consistent lead volume on a day-to-day basis
  • You're able to scale up to high lead volumes

Unfortunately, not every affiliate is going to be a good fit for our program. If you meet any of the following criteria, we appreciate your interest, but we're probably not the right company to work with.

  • You're just getting started with affiliate marketing and/or haven't promoted leadgen offers
  • You're not willing to have your ads reviewed for compliance purposes
  • You use false claims, fake celebrity endorsements or the like in your advertising
  • You're not able to run traffic during local business hours and work within daily lead cap limits
  • You're not willing to listen to feedback on lead quality and adjust your advertising accordingly
  • You're already selling leads directly to companies or intend to in the future